Technical - Reusable face masks

Our reusable face masks have a filtration efficiency of at least 95% (compared to cloth masks that are between 2% and 38% providing no protection against inhaling infectious particles near an infected person).  These masks are hand washable, and may be washed up to 30 times based on usage.

6 Layers of Filtration Protection

Impact Mask F95 Reusable Face Mask

Designed to protect against bacteria, dust & harmful particles

By combining an advanced filter technology with a timeless design, the Impact Mask Anti-Pollution, Anti-Bacterial, Anti Dust Mask offers excellent performance and comfort to combat harmful particles in the air. The mask is also reusable and washable.

Ensuring health and safety in daily life has become a priority for billions of people.

Superior Protection

The Impact Mask protects from bacteria and pollution that is impossible to see with the naked eye. Although lightweight and flexible in structure, the mask’s innovative filter technology provides an advanced level of protection over traditional paper  or cloth masks. To offer the highest quality, the mask utilises air-filter cartridges which work against particles.

The Impact Mask is an investment that will benefit your health every day. With regular use, the filter can provide instant prevention many harmful substances.

Comfortable Materials

The mask is constructed with six layers for enhanced protection. The innermost layer is made with Lycra Cotton & not Poly cotton which ensures comfort with a soft feel.